Thursday, February 23, 2017

Where. Are. My. SNOW DAYS?! My Wednesday Whine.

We haven't had the 100th day of school in February in YEARS. 

Years people.  

This is my daughter, Simone, enjoying one 
of our MANY snow days last year.  **Cry**

Last year we used something like 12 snow days.  The year before also 12ish.  

This year??

Nada.  Zip.  Zero.  Zilch.  

So no snow?

Oh there was some snow.  ON A SATURDAY.  Someone up in the weather regulation department hates us teachers.  

But we built in 13 snow days...?

According to our school system's very difficult to understand minutes vs. days logic we will not be getting these 13 built in days back in June.  

Has someone started a petition?  I hope so.  13 days longer in June is a nightmare for pretty much any teacher anywhere.  

Sure, I am sort of enjoying the balmy February weather.  But I will remind myself of my enjoyment on June 23rd when I am still teaching Kindergarten.  

What are your Wednesday whines?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

100th Day of Kindergarten, 2017 Edition

Happy 100th Day of School!!

We had a great day today, full of fun math and literacy activities all based on 100! Keep reading and you will get a little gift to help your class celebrate the 100th day!


In math today we had a lot of fun!  Here are some things we worked on:

  • We used 100 counting mats to count our collection from home.
  • We counted out 100 red cups and built a structure!  
  • We used a great app called Number Board.  
  • We painted 100 leaves on a tree.
  • We used markers (yes, MARKERS!!!) to make 100 dots.  

Language Arts

In language arts we had fun too! Here is some of the fun we had:

  • We listened to 100th Day stories on QR codes - I bought them HERE
  • We wrote about what we want to accomplish before we turn 100.
  • We drew a picture of what we might look like at 100 years old.  
  • We counted 100 cubes, built a structure, and then drew a picture.  
  • We worked with a group to write 100 different words.  
  • We wrote about what we would buy with $100. 

We had a fun day!  

OK! Now for your fun.  As a gift for being a follower (you ARE a follower, right?!) I put together 9 of my all time favorite 100th Day of School activities.  All FREE.  Just click the image below!

Happy teaching!

My BEST fix EVER and How you can get the most out of Stitch Fix

I got the BEST surprise the other day!  My Stitch Fix box came early! 

I love Stitch Fix.  As a teacher, Mom, and student in Graduate School - shopping is not something I have time for!  Stitch Fix solves that problem for me and many women just like me!

This was my BEST fix yet.  In my box I had 2 tops, 1 sweater, 1 dress, and earrings.  I kept it ALL.  Check out what I got:


Daniel Rainn Mendelson Tulip Sleeve Blouse

This is a petite and fits fantastically.  I love the pretty blue background and the red floral print will go amazingly well from Winter to Spring colors.  I paired it with a burgundy cardi and some skinny jeans and it was a great outfit to teach in.  

Skies are Blue Frankie Lace Detail Blouse

This top was also a petite and was such a pretty navy.  I love the lace detail.  It looks amazing with a turquoise pendant necklace I already had.  It is a top that can go from day to night with ease.  


Pixley Abriella Waffle Knit Cardigan

OMG this sweater.  I wish you could touch it through the screen.  So soft and light.  It wasn't a petite, but was so lovely and comfy I could overlook it.  It pairs great with the Frankie blouse above.  


Wisp Lineya Scuba Dress

This dress was a petite and fit like a GLOVE.  It is a gorgeous navy color with a swash of bright pink.  Gorgeous.

OK, so how can you get the most out of Stitch Fix

  1. Don't be afraid to ASK for exactly what you want.  Your stylist won't know what you like if you don't say so! That goes for price as well!  If you need a box to be under $150, say so!
  2. Create a special Stitch Fix board on Pinterest and send the link to your stylist through your SF account.  She will use your pins as ideas on your style.  
  3. Give good feedback.  If you love something - say why.  If you hate something - say why!
  4. Share your referral code!  The more people who sign up the more $$ you have to play with to buy more stuff! If you don't have Stitch Fix yet, use my code to sign up
  5. Join a Stitch Fix B/S/T (Buy/Sell/Trade) board on Facebook.  If you get a fix where you love 4 out of 5 items, post the 5th and see if anyone wants to buy it from you.  It will mean you can get the discount and save a bundle.  

I hope these tips help you out!  Feel free to ask questions below in the comments!

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fine Motor Morning Work Bins!!

Most of my kindergarten students come into school without knowing how to use scissors.  I've come to expect it, and always teach lessons on cutting in September.  

This year I was pretty surprised to see that many of my kids couldn't hold a pencil.  Or lacked the finger grip strength to control the pencil to make legible letters.  

I knew I needed to do something.  

I have already changed my morning routine by adding the new power point sign in (check it out HERE!).  We used to do pencil and paper morning work, but that wasn't engaging for my kiddos.  I did some research and found some fine motor stations to use every day in the morning!  

Here are the 5 stations I have made (so far!).  Click each picture to find a link to where I purchased each material.   I am not affiliated with any of these retailers, just passing on where I found them!

Pop Beads

These pop beads bring me back to my childhood.  They take a lot of dexterity to pop them together and then pull them apart!  My students try to make the longest chain they can, or they make bracelets.  

Fancy Scissors

The bright paper takes this fancy scissors station from meh to WOW.  And the smaller the paper gets, the more precision they need to cut!  

Fun Shaped Hole Punches

This set of hole punches is awesome.  They have to use a strong grip to punch the hearts, stars, etc.  The bright paper makes it super fun.  You can even save the shapes for later!

Nuts and Bolts

These nuts and bolts are so simple, but they love them!  They work to twist the nut onto the bolt. My students like to see how many nuts they can twist on and then take them all off!  So easy.  

Squeeze Tweezers

These squeeze tweezers are SOOOOO worth the price  They pinch the tweezers to pick up and drop the puff balls into the cups.  They work to fill the cups as quickly as they can.  

I store my stations in these snap and lock bins.  I ordered them from amazon, but they sell them all over.  I like that they stack and don't take up too much space!  

This year I have a number of students who need a routine to be comfortable in the classroom.  So instead of allowing my students to choose an activity, I rotate them between my 5 tables daily.  We are on week 2 and my students love it.  I can already see their grip strength improving!

I have plans to add more stations (pipe cleaners and pony beads, scissors and straws, therapy putty, etc.) --- but $$ is an issue so I'll be holding off for a while.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

$25 TPT Gift Card Giveaway!!!

Pretty much every teacher I know has a wish list filled with gems on TPT.  You are waiting for a sale, or for payday, before you buy those awesome items.  Well, you may be able to buy some of those resources sooner than later!!

I'm working with a great group of teachers to offer a TPT gift card giveaway!  It is super easy to enter, go check it out HERE!


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Good Luck!