Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guided Reading - The Key is being Organized!

One 6
Five 4's
Three 3's
Four 2's
Ten A's

Any of the Kindergarten teachers in the house know what that means?  

Yep, lots of different reading groups to manage.  

Guided reading in Kindergarten can be tricky depending on the variety of reading levels (or even reading readiness levels!) in your class.   In the years I've been teaching Kindergarten I realized that the organization of planning and keeping track of my reading groups was harder than anything else. 

Literacy centers guided reading

This planning and note taking chart has pretty much saved my Literacy Centers/Guided Reading group time.  I could never keep track of my papers because everything looked the same.  And I got tired of having lots of sheets of paper to keep track of one group.  

So here is my solution!  I copied this Kindergarten Guided Reading Group Notes paper in different colors to correspond with the color of my reading group.  The Yellow Group has yellow forms, the Green Group has green.  Now I can see right away what group I am working with and keep track of what skills that group needs to focus on!

reading group notes

color coded guided reading notes



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