Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seriously, Kindergarten is Crazy.

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 I love teaching Kindergarten. 

But sometimes they make me crazy. 

I think anytime you have 22 5 year olds in a room, crazy things are going to happen. Right now I have a student who is constantly doing what I tell his neighbor NOT to do.  I know he is looking for attention, but man it drives me nuts. That has to be my teacher pet peeve. 

Me:  Jack, don't stomp your feet.
Danny stomps his feet.
Me: Susie, please stop humming.
Danny hums. 
Me: Melissa, don't clean the toilets.
Danny cleans the toilets.

Ok, that last one didn't really happen.  But his "I'm going do do the opposite that the teacher says" thing makes me want to trick him into cleaning my room for me. 

That was my rant of the day.  Now let's  add some fun stuff!


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