Friday, December 13, 2013

Easy Kindergarten Thanksgiving Holiday Activities!

I love Thanksgiving!  Not only is it my favorite holiday in my own personal life, it is my favorite to teach about too!  In my Kingergarten class we do a ton of really cute Thanksgiving activities the weeks before the holiday.  I really try to incorporate our Thanksgiving activities with Language Arts for add some fun to reading and writing!  Here are some of my favorites!

I am Thankful Turkeys

This cheerful turkey decorates our hallway.  Every student writes on a feather, sharing what they are thankful for.  It always surprises me what my students are thankful for!  They are always so sweet and giving.  Check out the FREE feather outline HERE and the writing page HERE!

Hand and Foot Turkeys

These Hand and Foot turkeys are always so funny!  Students trace their shoe onto brown paper to make the head, and then trace their hands on the red, orange, and yellow to make feathers.  You really see who has good fine motor skills! Haha. 

Torn Paper Indian Corn

This is great activity we do after we learn about Squanto.  We talk about how Squanto taught the pilgrims to plant corn and how the corn they had back then was called Indian Corn. They use crayons to color the corn like Indian corn. To help with their fine motor skills we have them tear up green paper to glue on for the stalk.  This takes a while!  HERE is the free template!

Thanksgiving Food Graph

This is an easy way to introduce data and graphing to your Kindergarten class.  I printed out some quick clip art pictures of some Thanksgiving foods.  They chose the picture that represented their favorite thanksgiving food and we made a pictograph using the pictures.  Keep in mind the purpose of graphing in Kindergarten is for them to INTERPRET a graph, not create the graph.  So the questions you ask at the end are key.  How many more people liked turkey than pie?  etc.

Pilgrim Hats and Bonnets

These are a great accessory for all of our other Thanksgiving fun!  The kids love wearing the hats and bonnets around the school!


Thanksgiving Picture Frame

Take a cute picture of your little pilgrims and then print it out 4x6.  Print THIS template onto cardstock or contstruction paper and glue the picture in the middle!  This is a great Thanksgiving gift!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite Thanksgiving school activities!  I'd love to hear about your favorites too! :)


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