Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Teacher Gift Wish list - What Gifts Do Teachers Really Want?

But seriously...

Every year my room parents ask for my holiday wish list. Every year I feel as awkward responding to that email as I do as a 30 year old being asked, "what do you want for Christmas?" by my grandmother. 

So I know what Teachers DON'T want: 
  • anything smelly (candles, lotions, etc,)
  • Pretty much anything apple or teacher related (how many World's Best Teacher mugs does one need??).  
  • Ok, and this sounds bad.  But we really don't love the crafty things made out of crayons.  Sorry!


Teachers love:

  • cards with meaningful notes. LOVE. I have kept many over the years to re-read.
  •  homemade/store bought goodies (just be wary of allergies and preferences)
  • chocolate. LOVE chocolate!
  • coffee, travel mugs, etc.

                                                    I love this one from Starbucks!

  • Gift cards (Starbucks, restaurants, Target, etc.). 
  • Acrylic cups with straws (who doesn't love those!!)

                                                    This Starbucks cup is really cool.

My best advice is to find out about the Teacher's hobbies. Does she love to read? Is he really into music? And then you can find a meaningful, but still economical, gift. 

                                       Happy Holidays!

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