Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kindergarten Word Building Activities for Literacy Stations!

It always surprises me when I have the really high reading students.  I am so used to the "average" Kinder student who typically knows their letters but not much else.  These really high kids always fluster me because I never feel like I know what to DO with them while their classmates learn letters and letter sounds! 

This year I have one REALLY high student who is reading at a 2nd grade level and clearly needs some more challenging work during Literacy Stations.  So!  I scoured the internet and found some great ideas! 

Read-Make-Write Mat

I love this!  I give the students word cards with picture support (or even more challenging - picture but no word!) and they build the letter with magnetic letters and then write it with a wipe off marker! 

Check out this free download from The Teacher Gene!

Apple Tree CVC Word Building

I think this one is my favorite.  What Kinder teacher doesn't flip over anything apple related!?!  I had my IA laminate them and now I can use them forever! 

Check out this free download from Life Over C's!

Lakeshore Learning Games

These I got as a gift from a parent volunteer.  But they are great for my higher readers who are ready for word work and understand word families more!  I also luuuuurve Lakeshore.  There is one down the road.  DANGEROUS!

Check out their great selection HERE!

Magnetic Word Building Mat!

This is something I have had for ages.  I totally forgot about it!  The kids can match the letters and/or use the magnetic letters to build words.  The front has the chart, the back is blank.  Awesome!  And OMG if I had $$$ I would be ordering all kinds of things from Really Good Stuff!!

Mine is old.  But here is Really Good Stuff's newer version! 

Stamping with Playdough

This one is cool.  Our kids who are reading are still kids and love to play with playdough.  So have them use (clean) stamps to make words on the playdough!!  Genius. 

I hope you got some new great ideas for making words in Kindergarten!  If you have something you use and love, link it!  :)


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  2. Thank you so much for sharing my Read-Make-Write Mat! I am so glad that your students enjoy this. Lots of other great finds in this post! Thanks for sharing!