Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Introducing New ClassDojo Features - ClassDojo Groups!

Have you heard about ClassDojo? It is a fantastic positive behavior management system that has all kinds of fantastic features!  If you are new to ClassDojo check out this video below!

For more information- check out their quick info sheet HERE

OK!  Now for the good stuff!  I am pleased to announce a new (and much anticipated) feature- Class Dojo Groups!

Do you like to give table or group incentives for positive behavior in the classroom? Maybe you give points for each table? Do you want to track and reward positive behavior during guided math/reading groups?  However you want to group your students ClassDojo Groups can help!

Encourage teamwork in any classroom

Teachers and students love creating classrooms that center on group work, such as table teams and reading groups. We're thrilled to make teamwork effortless in classrooms everwhere with ClassDojo Groups. Teachers can now create groups of students and give instant encouragement for behaviors and skills important to the classroom! We hope you and your students love using the new ClassDojo :)

- The ClassDojo team

It is really easy to use too.  Just name your groups (red table, reading group 1, etc.), select your students and voila!

You can add points to invidual students in a group, or to the group as a whole. 

For more information on ClassDojo Groups check out their website HERE.

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If you use ClassDojo - share your #classDojoLove in the comments below!  If not, feel free to ask any questions!



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