Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Fun with robots! Great Ozobot party with teacher friends!

This past Thursday, I had a great opportunity to host an Ozobot party!  Courtesy of Tryazon, a product marketing company, I was given an Ozobot to keep and a starter set (of 2!) to give away!  I knew my teacher friends would love it, so I thought an after school party would be perfect.  It just so happened that my good friend, and tech coach at my school, Brian, also needed to host an Ozobot party!  We figured two heads were better than one and we decided to collaborate to make one awesome party.

I was in charge of the giveaway, and I knew I wanted to try and get more teachers on Twitter.  So, I added some social media bonus entries.  Between Brian and I, we had 2 starter packs to give away.  The lucky winners won because of those tweets! :)

We hosted the party in the school's library (thanks Eve!) and got things set up with markers, white paper, iPads loaded with the awesome Ozobot Apps! and the coding cheat sheets.

We had teachers from multiple grade levels, all eager to play with the Ozobots!  Everyone was excited to try out the markers and pre-made games.

The teachers also seemed to enjoy the many different ways you can program the Ozobots, too fun!

I made this to show how you could use the Ozobot for more than just coding lessons.  Do you see the big bad wolf ready to blow down the house?!  My Kindergarten class loved it.  :)

We used some little helpers to choose some lucky winners!

In the end, two teachers went home with a starter pack with plans to play with them over the holidays and then use them in their classrooms.  We also had 4 teachers join twitter - that is a big win in my book!!

Want to buy one for someone you love?? Or maybe buy one for your classroom??  Shop HERE :)

Contact Ozobot by following them on Twitter , or Facebook, or Instagram !

Want to learn more about hosting parties from Tryazon? Check out their website here, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!


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