Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Introducing Class Dojo Big Ideas Videos: Growth Mindset

Introducing Class Dojo's 
Big Ideas for the Classroom: Growth Mindset!

Do you tell your students to keep trying and not to give up?  Do you tell them that they can do anything they put their mind to?   That is what Growth Mindset is all about!  

The idea of growth mindset, researched and popularized by Professor Carol Dweck and colleagues at Stanford University, is the notion that intelligence and abilities can be developed over time. The opposite is a ‘fixed’ mindset, which is the belief that these abilities are innate and can’t change. Research has shown that when students possess a growth mindset, and see challenge as an opportunity to learn, they are more likely to persevere when faced with setbacks. 
Gone is the thinking that you are either, "born smart" or not.  We all know that ALL children can learn.  We all know that children all learn differently.  But we also know that children with a positive outlook will have more success than those who don't. 

The “Big Ideas: Growth Mindset series follows Mojo, ClassDojo’s much-loved monster mascot, as he and his friend Katie explore the importance of a growth mindset and how to develop one. Each of the five growth mindset videos will be paired with a lesson guide so teachers can reinforce growth mindset thinking with their students through activity-based learning. 

This video is the first of 5 installments:

Chapter 1: A secret about the brain.
Chapter 2: The magic of mistakes
Chapter 3: The power of "Yet"
Chapter 4: The world of Neurons
Chapter 5: Little by little

Teachers who know about Class Dojo, know that CD is all about the power of positive thinking.  Showing your students that they are doing a great job is the best encouragement they can get.  But teaching your students if they work hard they can learn to do anything they put their mind to, that is priceless.  Think about the challenges they will overcome.  Imagine the things they will do and create!  The possibilities are endless.  And for most of us, that is what teaching is all about.  

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If you are already a big Class Dojo fan, check out their first Growth Mindset video HERE


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