Monday, July 11, 2016

Using Music to help with transitions in Kindergarten!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a recording of your voice saying, "clean up!", or "come to the carpet!"  I always wish I could save my voice and somehow signal the transition.  Then it hit me, music!  

I hit up iTunes and found some great music for different transitions in our day.  To make my life easier I programmed my iPhone with the songs as alarms for these transition times.  Each transition has an alarm with the song I chose.   I typically keep my phone in my pocket, so when the alarm goes off everyone will hear!  If you don't know how to set music for alarms check out my post HERE.

You can also use your interactive white board software, or Powerpoint to add music for transitions.  Or an iTunes playlist! The options are endless.  

But enough about this.  You want to know what songs I use!  Here you go!!

Do you use music in your classroom?  What are your favorite songs for transitions?

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