Thursday, August 11, 2016

Meet the Teacher/Open House Parent Information using a Google Form

One of the most important parts of Open House (or meet the teacher day) is getting the vital parent info.  In the past I've had paper the parents sit and fill out.  Then I type their names, emails, phone numbers, etc. into my own spreadsheet.  SO. MUCH. TIME.

Then I wondered, how can I let a computer do this work for me?  (Isn't that the reason we have technology? lol) Then I made a Google Form.  It is so easy.

But you won't have to do that, you can just use mine!

Here is the link:  Click Here.

Step 1:  click the crayon/pencil in the upper corner to edit the form.


Step 2: click the 3 dots in the corner and click Make a Copy.  VERY IMPORTANT!! This creates a copy of the form onto your google drive.  You don't want parents filling out information on my form, you want it to go to you.

Step 3: Go to your google drive and find the copy of the form.  Rename it.  Then click into the form to start making your changes.  The form is editable, from the titles to the descriptions and the types of questions.  Do what works for you!  Google saves it as you work, so no worries about that.

FYI- If you don't like the flowers, you'll need to change the theme.  Click the small Question Mark in the bottom right corner to return to the Old google forms.  There is a button clearly marked, "Change Theme" at the top.  

Step 4: Time to make the spreadsheet.  Click the Responses tab.  

Then create a new spreadsheet.  All of the parent responses will be sent to the spreadsheet automatically!  Afterwards, you can easily find the parent contact info you need.  

Step 5:  Now to share the form.  Click SEND.  Copy the link and go to your favorite QR code generator.  Paste the link and download the QR code.  

I like to put a note with the QR code at all the tables so parents can use the class iPads (or their iPhone) to scan the code.  Find my QR note HERE.  To make it easier for you, download the word document and right click on the QR code to change picture to your QR code.  You may want to test it out to make sure you are linking to the right form!!

I hope this makes your open house a little easier!  I loved getting the spreadsheet afterwards so I could quickly send mass emails to all the parents.


  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing! For some reason though I can't edit the form. When I click the link it just brings me to your form without any option to edit. Do you have a solution or should i just create my own?

  2. Hi Jessica! Thank you for catching that. Somehow I linked to the finished form instead of the editable version. All fixed! Don't forget to make a copy and rename before you make changes!