Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Back to School: All About Me QR Code Videos with Seesaw!

Every year we make our All About Me posters.  They are a great hallway decoration before Back To School Night.  This year I added a few elements of technology to jazz them up.

Students first use a pre-cut circle to make their face.  We gently encourage our friends to choose a skin color that matches our own - it doesn't always work.  HA.  They make their eyes, nose, mouth, etc.  You get to see right away who hasn't had opportunities to draw and color.  We are going to be working on fine motor A LOT this year.

Students decorate a t-shirt, like this one, with things they love.  I modeled drawing the things that make me happy like flowers, elephants, and books.  I saw a lot of flowers, elephants and books on their t-shirts.  Oh well!

My assistant and I glued the t-shirts and faces onto large paper so that students can add hair and arms and backgrounds.

While they are working I take them out in the hallway to take a video using Seesaw.  If you haven't heard of Seesaw, it is my favorite app of all time.

My parents LOVED seeing the videos.  Often I would have comments on seesaw within minutes of posting the videos.

A new, and awesome feature of Seesaw is the QR code generator.  Click on any entry (picture, video, etc.) and you can make it into a QR code.  I glued the QR code onto their posters and voila! So easy.

If you haven't already signed up for Seesaw, you really need to.  It will change your life.

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