Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Go Fund Me: Fine motor skills in Kindergarten!

My name is Kristen, Mrs. Wabuge to my kids. I teach Kindergarten in Springfield, Virginia. My students are a diverse group of learners with a variety of cultures, languages, socioeconomic levels, and previous school experiences. One area most of my students struggle with is Fine Motor (using their hands and fingers to manipulate small objects and write/draw).
In this technologically rich time, children spend less time playing with toys like Lego. Less time coloring. Less time playing with puzzles. Which all means they are spenidng less time building those vital fine motor skills.

In order to help my students improve their fine motor ability, I am requesting $125 to purchase fun items from Amazon for my new Fine Motor morning activities. These items include pop beads, nuts and bolts, hole punches, and a variety of tweezers and chopsticks. All of these resources will allow the students to practice using those important muscles in a really fun and engaging way.

As a teacher, I spend hundreds of dollars on my students and my classroom. It is September 16th and I have spent $300 getting things ready for the new school year. Having these Fine Motor activities funded would be so wonderful, and would impact Kindergarten students for years afterwards.  

Thank you for your support!

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