Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easy Earth Day Kindergarten Stations!

Happy Earth Day! 

April 22nd is Earth Day.  I've always felt that environmental stewardship and awareness is really important to teach to young children.  These lessons about the environment will help shape the adults they will become.  

I always like to start by reading the book, Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg.  It is the story of a boy who thinks littering is no big deal.  He scoffs at people who recycle or plant trees.  He thinks that his choices would have little influence on the future.  Then he has a dream that changes his life.  The boy travels to a dystopian future, where the air is smoggy, the trees are all cut, and the trash makes mountains.  It is a frighteningly realistic vision.  At the end, the boy realizes that if everyone makes those same choices there won't be much left for us.  

The students in class always walk away with a good understanding that their choices matter and will have an impact on their world.  

Earth Day Stations

1) NASA's Earth as Art App 

I love this iPad app.  Students get to explore different satellite images of the world like mountains, desserts, and rivers.  These satellite images are amazingly colorful and really really cool.  

 This app is totally free and available on the iTunes store.  

2) Dot Stamper Globes

Students use the green and blue dot stampers to make the land and water on the globe.  The ink blends together to make a really cool globe.  You can also use markers and a spritz of water.  Super easy!  

3)  Earth Day Writing

Found in a pervious post, my Earth Day writing activity is an easy station to put in the rotation.  Students draw a picture of the Earth and write about what they would do to take care of it.  

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