Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring 2017 Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix means I never have to go to the mall again.  

I haven't tried on clothes in a store in MONTHS.  It is glorious.  

As a petite girl, finding clothes in my size has always been a struggle.  And I always wish I had the right shoes to try on, or a different bra, or a necklace.  With Stitch Fix I have my whole wardrobe at my fingertips to put together a great outfit.  

I haven't been getting a fix every month, because my budget just couldn't take it.  Not to mention I quickly ran out of closet space.  

But I knew I wanted one for the spring.  I asked my stylist, the wonderful GG, to grab me some springy pieces and a pair of pastel skinny jeans.  

She delivered.  

Check out the 5 items I got in this great Spring Fix!

1) Skies are Blue Anslee Embroidery Detailed Top

Decision:  Keep

I loved the summery white top with the pretty blue embroidery.  I could wear a denim jacket or cardi over top for work, but be cool outside at recess (that is what I usually ask for, recess wear, lol).  It was also a petite, so it FIT.  

2) Crescent Nicolas Lace Detail Blouse

Decision: Keep

I love the neutral floral.  It looks so cute with the purple skinny jeans.  I already have a teal cardigan that looks fantastic with it.  This top was also in a petite size, awesome.  

3) Papermoon Sashy Drape Front Knit Top

Decision:  Return

I wanted to like this top.  It is super cute and really comfy.  But it wasn't a petite.  So the drape, which should come to just my chest, came down to my belly button.  NOT ATTRACTIVE lol.  Sigh.  

4) Ink Love & Peace Kuna Cross-Back Keyhole Knit Top

Decision: Keep

This top is really comfy and super stylish with the cut outs in the shoulder.  If you don't have a cold shoulder top yet, where have you been??  I love it for going out with my girlfriends.  I paired it with my ripped hem skinny jeans and cute booties.  Bonus it was a petite, so it fit me just right!

5) Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean

Decision:  Keep

I think I may have jumped for joy when I saw these.  PURPLE skinny jeans?!?  It is like 10 year old me and 30 year old me had their dreams come true, haha.  I love the color, the fit it awesome.  They are a petite, so they fit perfectly.  

So.  4 out of 5.  

That is a good fix!  I wanted transitional pieces that could be worn in March and May.  I love what I got!  

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet??  If not, feel free to follow my link HERE to sign up.  Getting a box put together is $20, but they will apply that towards any purchase.  Even better, if you buy all 5 items in the box you get 25% off.  That is HUGE.  Like getting one top free.  It is awesome.  

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