About Me

I'm Kristen!  I am a 34 year old wife, mother, and Kindergarten teacher from the DC area.  My husband, George, is a busy architect in DC and my daughter, Simone (7), is in 2nd grade at my school.  

              I have been teaching for 12 years, from PreK to 3rd grade, but I love teaching K.  I knew as soon as I started that it was the spot for me.  My friends love to hear my crazy stories about my students, and I know many of you have the same experiences.  I find myself reading about other classes and frantically saying, "CONNECTION!!!" as if you can see me doing the symbol (primary teachers totally know what I mean)! ;)

              I'm jokingly referred to as "Tech Support" at my school.  If a teacher can't find the tech specialist, they know I can figure it out too.  I'm working on my Master's in Technology so that I can be a tech specialist one day.  What primary teacher doesn't dream about a job without parent teacher conferences??!!  

               I love creating resources for my team and my class to use.  I'm all about creating Math and Literacy Station activities.  And I love sharing them with all of you! 


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