Friday, December 6, 2019

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Pocket Charts, a Kindergarten Literacy Station MUST

Animal Pocket Chart

This year I decided to take myself out of the literacy station rotation.


It has been the best thing I ever did.  I can pull whichever group needs me most at that moment.  I can pull strategy groups.  I can pull groups that all need to work on making connections.  And the best part is that my students have more choice.  They can work with students who wouldn't necessarily be "on their level."

Instead I do a a choice board with 12 options for the week: Computer, Puzzles, Writing (2x), SmartBoard, Play Dough, Listening Center, Read to self (2x), Discovery table, Poetry, Read the room, and Pocket Chart (2x).

Literacy Station Choice Menu Sheet
Literacy Station Choice Board

This is created by This Reading Mama, check it out HERE

Anyhow.  One new literacy station I added this year was a pocket chart.  Each week I add a new activity.  Each activity relates to a theme - fall, holidays, food, animals, etc.  And each pocket chart set works on our important sight words.  

We started off with a class favorite, Pete the Cat.  

I Love My Red Shoes! Pete the Cat Pocket Chart

For each pocket chart I also have a recording sheet.  This helps me differentiate since there are 3 different versions.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Pocket Chart

Then we moved to pumpkins and I changed the format a bit.  I figured if I broke the sentences up into pieces, then I could even further differentiate by giving different groups different variations.  So maybe one group only needs to work on the word "I", so I take off those words and let them fill in the blanks.  

Pumpkin Pocket Chart

After pumpkins we moved onto leaves, acorns, Thanksgiving, and apples.  

Fall Leaves Pocket Chart

I used similar words each week to build on the previous week's learning.  

Apple Pocket Chart

Are you noticing my rainbow order color words?? 

Acorn Pocket Chart

Thanksgiving Dinner Pocket Chart

We were studying goldfish, so for fun I added a fish pocket chart.

Fish Pocket Chart

AND, just because I love anything sweet I made a sweet treats pocket chart.

Sweet Treats Pocket Chart

The pocket charts, and the recording sheets, have been a really positive addition to my literacy station routine.  The students are able to use them without much teacher assistance.  That gives me the freedom to meet with more groups!

These pocket charts are part of my growing bundle - and I will be adding more every few weeks!  Check it out HERE!

Pocket Chart Growing Bundle

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Week in Review: Kindergarten Literacy and Math Station Activities

We just finished up week 4 of Kindergarten - where did the time go??  I have a doozy of a class this year, so we have been taking our station time slowly.  This week we introduced some new stations, check them out!

Literacy Station Activities

Pocket Chart

Pete the Cat I love my Shoes Pocket Chart
Pete the Cat Pocket Chart

Like all Kindergarten students, mine LOVE Pete the Cat!  So I added a Pete the Cat pocket chart activity that works on color words.  All of my students loved to read (sing) the words and then were THRILLED to use markers for the recording sheet.  To differentiate I have two versions of the recording sheet: one with the color words ready to trace, and one with blanks.

Pete the Cat I love my Shoes Pocket Chart
Pete the Cat Pocket Chart on TPT

This resource is available in my TPT store.

Write the Room

 School Supply Scoot
School Supply Write the Room

Typically I post the pictures around the room.  But this group juuuuuuust isn't ready to roam yet.  But it is a great way to get them thinking about words, labels, etc.  This is a great resource from Luv My Kinders

Sensory Bin

This year I have a number of students who are sensory seeking.  So I added a Sensory Bin to my Literacy Station rotations!  This week we had pompoms and letter tiles.  Students had two choices (hello, differentiation!) of letter mats to work on:

Letter/Sound matching with my Alphabet Matching Mat

Freebie Alphabet Sound Matching Mat
Alphabet Matching Mat for Sensory Bin


Letter/Letter matching with part of my ABC order resource.

Letter tile matching mat for literacy stations
Letter to Letter Matching Mat for Sensory Bin

Alphabet Pattern Blocks

Alphabet Pattern Block Literacy Station
Alphabet Pattern Blocks

This is a great FREE resource from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Watercolor Name Painting

Watercolor name painting for literacy stations
Watercolor Name Painting

This was so fun!  The kids got to practice their names AND practice using watercolors responsibly.  I think watercolors may be a popular literacy station!

I used the Editable Name Mats from Pocket of Preschool.  Check it out!


We had two play dough options this week.

Play-dough Letters and Sounds Literacy Station

 Play-dough letters (of unknown origins?) and beginning sounds from Natalie Lynn Kindergarten.

Play-dough CVC literacy station activity
Play-dough CVC words

I LOOOOOVE this set of play-dough stamp words from Literacy with the Littles.  This week we used the CVC words with no blanks, just practicing making the words with our stampers.

Math Stations

We had a fun week of counting and building in math this week!  Check out some of our favorites!

Apple Counting and Build

Count and Build an Apple Math Station
Apple Counting and Building

My students really enjoyed this math station!  They used my apple counting cards and appropriately apple colored snap cubes.  So easy!

This resource is available FOR FREE in my TPT store. :)

Fall apple counting for math stations
Apple Number Cards

Roll and Build with LEGO

LEGO in Math Stations
Roll and Build with LEGO

This was a super easy math station to set up!  I bough the base at the dollar store and threw the dice and blocks into a bucket.  They LOVED it!  I love the 8 sided dice to vary the numbers they are counting out.

Roll and Build

Roll and build tower math station
Roll and Build Math Station

This is one of my go-to Math stations.  I love that adding the snap cubes gives it a fine motor challenge.  Roll and Build comes from The Primary Post, check it out!

I hope you all enjoyed looking at our Literacy and Math stations from the last week!


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Friday, August 23, 2019

Classroom Tour 2019

It has been a long week!

You know the drill, meetings allllll day.  But you are dying to get into your classroom to get it ready!

I stayed late, came in early, etc.

But I think it was worth it! 

I am so proud of how it all turned out.

Scroll on down to see the pictures!

Work Hard, Be Kind, Have Fun

My awesome husband helped me hang up this baby!  I love how it fills up a formerly white corner of the room.

My Calendar and Writing White Boards

 Daily 10 Frames
How many days have we been in school?  

My students LOVE to use our daily ten frames.  Hopefully they will love the rainbow design as much as I do! 

This year, I am dedicating one part of my whiteboard to writing.  I plan on using this awesome magnetic writing paper for whole group mini lessons, handwriting, etc.  I'll use the magnetic letters to help students practice sounding out and spelling our words!  I can't wait!  

Close up view of my whole group writing demo area!
Outside parent info and welcome sign!

Rising to New Heights in Kindergarten
Rising to New Heights!

We are a BRIGHT bunch!!

I had a giant wall of white to fill up. I love how it turned out! The fans were fun to make, too!

My Teacher Table, with my new colorful stools!

Our Wow Work Bulletin Board

I decided to ditch my traditional world wall, and used that space for student work.  Notice how I have 21 spots?  I actually only have 17 kids! :o

So colorful!

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour my my room this year.  I wish all of you a great school year!

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